Cooling systems    
Cooling systems

A freezer is a device which is used for the cold generation. A place which is colder than the ambient temperature is always to be thought of every freezer therefore
(for example evaporators at compression freezers or cold fingers at gas freezers).

If an object to be chilled with this cold place is brought into contact, this object is chilled. Our Icerink-team organizes and mounts the suitable freezer for your very specific ice-skating rink 

Pipe laying systems

For the construction of an ice-skating rink at first a flat, strong and planished subsoil is necessary. At the ground a so called cold blanket from cross-linked tubes that forms a closed circuit is installed. This cold blanket is connected to main collectors which are on one or both pages next to the railroad.

The main collectors for her part are switched on a water pump, a tank (the so called lung and/or bumper tank) and connected to the freezer finally. These elements form together a closed ring which represents the basis of the future ice-skating rink. Now the ring is filled with a mixture of antifreeze (mono ethylene glycol or polypropylene glycol) and water.

The freezer can be turned on now. The pump guarantees for the liquid circulating continuously through the pipe of the ice-skating rink, and thanks to the bumper tank the surplus air which otherwise would keep on being caught in the circuit is emitted. The freezer lowers little by little the temperature of the liquid to -8 to -10°C from. Then the first water shift is thickening with a hose above the pipelines of the cold blanket. The water crystallizes immediately. This process is repeated repeatedly and so the ice shift arises by degrees. The ideal fat person of an ice-skating rink is about 6 to 8 cm.

The Icerink Germany works with the coolants peripheral unit pipe laying and EPDM system.