Ground & gang systems    
Heavy burden grounds

A flat, strong and planished subsoil is basis for the construction of an ice-skating rink. An Unterkonstruktion of a gold leveled heavy burden ground is helpful here. We provide you with the perfect ground with an extremely high constancy and quality the the using of ice machines or other machines without problems possible does.

Gang systems
Gang system of Aussen

A gang is with several events the term for the setting of the ground. During the ice hockey the ground is surrounded by an approx. 1,20 m high gang of wood or epoxy onto which a protection pane of glass is drafted. At the unteren edge a punch rim must be available. The material of the bands must be able to survive the strike of a puck heranfliegenden with 160 k.p.h. regardless of.

In addition she helps not only for the use as a part of the ground but also as an optimal advertising instrument. (Gang advertizing) for companies.


Gang advertizing?

Free faces of the bands can be used excellently for advertising spaces. At this place we would like to introduce our partner to you. Next to impressing layouts your advertizing can become gdruckt also in high quality.

alles aus einer Hand, auch Bande kommt von Icerink Germany, PE-Bande, Holzbande,