Rent ice-skating rinks     where, when and so in a large way you want!
Ice skating where you always want, thanks to

Mobile Artificial-Ice Rinks

these are closed 200 - 800 m²  full-year from us in the sizes of 200 in resonances,
tents or supplied on not reconsidered outer sides.

For events of all kind mobile ice-skating rinks are not only a genuine Eye Catcher but besides a very good advertising medium. During the entire rent time we guarantee the full effectiveness of the plants. In this case we pay attention to your very specific wishes and handicaps of course. Our professional team elaborates and plans all details for your event.

With our equipment and his installation you choose a product that highest claims is raked. Rent ice-skating rinks can be supplied by us with different cold blankets and bands. If we should have woken your interest now, you very simply request an unobligatory offer for your individual mobile ice-skating rink. Contact

Artificial-ice rink

An ice-skating rink is through a face marked off through a gang that ground consists of a thick ice shift. In general it is a question of locked plants. These were preserved correspondingly in order to hold the ground permanently frozenly. Since some compartment enterprises succeeded in optimizing their refrigeration technique so that the ice also in the open air under ideal conditions is held, these ice-skating rinks are laid out now increasingly more onto the street. These mobile ice-skating rinks in shopping centers and on places is to owe it, that to send oneself to ice events of greater public attention and one in an always awake way fan municipality enjoy. There where there is severe cold, there are also natural ice-skating rinks (been cold lakes and flows).


Wir errichten für Ihre Veranstaltung mobile Eisbahnen in geschlossen Hallen, Zelten oder auf nicht überdachten Außenflächen. Ganz nach Ihren Wünschen !


wir liefern die günstige Mieteisbahn, große Erfahrung, alles aus einer Hand, Eisbahn mieten, Eisbahn mieten