Technical Specification

Power:                 220KW

Total length:         3,5  m

Total high:            2,8 m

total :                   2,4 m

Weight:                2200 KG

Oiltank:                 1000 L

Combustible:         Fuel Oil

Steering control:   Buderus

Electrical point:     230V 16A

Heating:                20°C -90°C



mobile heaters

quickli, effective, reliable

Our mobile heaters with 220 KW service in the supporter. All from a hand, fast connection to the heating-net. Reliable and fast at the field. Especially suitable to the defrosting of ice-skating rinks. Further possible applications: Building industry, events, fairs and structural alteration measures at the heat supply. The mobile heater is usable also in the warming of industrial water.


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mobile Heizung 240 KW